Our history

Over the years, Gianni Group stood out for the construction of buildings in the service, industrial, and residential sectors. The group was developed thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of its founder COMMANDER ROMOLO GIANNI, and with the eponymous construction company and other companies he set up, in the fifties and early sixties, he has carried out activities in the field of large constructions (airports, road works and highways), building relations with the following authorities:

Afterwards, starting in the seventies, with the establishment of Agricola Lieta S.p.A. and other group companies, field of intervention was broadened, through the construction of large real estate compounds in the tertiary sector close to the G.R.A. ringroad accessing Rome, for overall 800,000 square meters. G.R.A. junction "La Rustica", G.R.A. junction "Laurentina", G.R.A. junction "Tiburtina and East Prenestina " were the pivoting poles developed for authorities including:

Upon the arrival of 2000, AGRICOLA LIETA S.p.A. sold some of the buildings it had previously constructed to direct users (PUBLIC STATE PROPERTY, ASTALDI S.P.A., INDUSTRIALISTS’ UNION OF ROME) and to institutional and international investors (ORION, AEDES, NEXTRA, LASALLE INVESTIMENT, PERSONAL SOCIAL SECURITY FUND BNL, FORENSIC SOCIAL SECURITY FUND, INPDAP, E.N.P.A.C.L.). In the meantime, the enterprise expanded its activity by building residential compounds in the areas of "La Rustica", "Prenestina", "Guidonia Montecelio".

In recent years, along with its subsidiaries, AGRICOLA LIETA S.p.A. has shifted its targets by developing property assets in the areas adjacent to the G.R.A. ringroad, and simultaneously reinvesting in prestigious properties in central areas of Rome, matching main activity of downright real estate management to a number of real estate trading activities.

In such context, which has proven successful, we hereby highlight a number of property purchases which have been leased to leading national and international tenants such as NTV, METLIFE, SVILUPPO LAZIO, NCTM, CTS and ANIA.